ChickTopia: 3rd week construction progress

December 19th, 2010

This week, the ChickTopia team kept plugging away at their siding, and also brought in hundreds of tobacco sticks to begin building out the run that bridges the two boxes.

The big task for the week was to finalize the interior architecture of both boxes, including food and water boxes, the roosting boxes and “shelf,” and door access to the ramp. Wilbert worked diligently to cut wood pieces at the right angles and set the shelves and boxes in place.


Colin brought in bunches of reclaimed tobacco sticks (which are used to hang and dry tobacco plants), and the team spent a full two days laboriously sanding, cleaning up, and painting the sticks so they are ready to be attached to the steel run frame as soon as it is complete.


At the end of the week, we started to position the steel tubing that will connect the two boxes, cutting and welding the corners to follow the line of the boxes. Hopefully by next week, we will have the steel attached, painted the bright green color, and will begin to attach the tobacco sticks. The steel tubing will need to be sliced in a rotational line, and a wooden dowel inserted to which we can attach the tobacco sticks. The ChickTopia group’s process has been a lot of repetitive work, from sanding to painting to ripping down siding, but by the end of this coming week, everything should start to take shape!





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