Chicken Circus: 3rd week construction progress

December 19th, 2010

This week, Stevie and CJ’s Chicken Circus coop came to life. With the pieces of siding completed last week, it was time to assemble the frame/armature and fit the side pieces into the coop structure.

First, we cut dozens of pieces of angle stock steel, which would be welded to the frame. These angles also needed to be drilled, as one side of the bracket would be screwed into the wood siding.

Next, each of the pieces of siding (2 equilateral triangles, 2 right triangles, and 2 parallelograms), were carefully fit into the frame, resting on the brackets (which were by now attached to the wood). Two of the pieces of siding (1 equilateral triangle and 1 parallelogram) are swinging doors, however, so those two required hinges.

Once in place, each angle bracket was welded to the steel frame. While we have not taught welding yet, CJ did have a chance to learn the basics of MIG welding, and welded his first piece of metal.

Coming up this next week, we’ll finish the construction of the interior shelf, roost, ramp, and perch areas, and attach the front run to the coop frame, and cover the run with chicken wire.









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